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What the U.S. electoral map may look like in 2060, The Washington Post
Our politics is polarized on more issues than ever before, The Washington Post
N.Y. optimistic about Mayor De Blasio; Poll on Bloomberg’s legacy out at 12pm, Quinnipiac
Americans rate economy as top priority for government, Gallup
American’s attitudes about abortion, American Enterprise Institute

4 million job openings at end of November, Bureau of Labor Statistics
50% wary of investing in stocks; and Satisfaction with economy sours, Gallup
Where are America’s millionaires? The Wall Street Journal
U.S. airline passenger numbers up 1.8%, Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Cold weather led to highest natural gas storage withdrawals, Energy Information Administration
Two-thirds of Americans say they go to movies less often, DemoMemo
Housing bubble was much worse for Hispanics, The Washington Post
New residential construction, Housing and Urban Development

Health & Society
One out of 13 children will die prematurely unless smoking rates drop, Surgeon General
Cigarette smoking remains widespread despite declines in past 30 years, CDC
Ph.D programs have a dirty secret: Student debt, The Atlantic
64.5 million Americans volunteered nearly 7.9 billion hours, Wendy Spencer
78% of office-based physicians used electronic health record system in 2013, CDC
U.S. adults are choosing healthier foods, Department of Agriculture via The Wall Street Journal
For the mentally ill, finding treatment grows harder, The Wall Street Journal
You sleep more than you claim you do, The New York Times
ACA spurs state shift in long-term care, The Pew Charitable Trusts
Doctorate recipients from U.S. universities, National Science Foundation

Labor markets mixed in advanced economies, The Conference Board
There are now 618 million internet users in China, China Internet Network Information Center
Cartogram: Global warming’s biggest offenders, Concordia University via The Wire
Output gaps in developing countries, The Economist
Potential net migration index declines in many countries, Gallup
Why immigrants boomerang to Mexico, National Journal
More Japanese women are working, Quartz
Women at Davos: What’s happening to the numbers? Guardian
How does UK’s fertility rate compare to other nations? Guardian
Extreme weather incidents around the world, Bloomberg
World set record in billion-dollar weather disasters with 41, Wunderground

Random Sample
20 most populous metro areas in 1 chart, Peakbagger via The Washington Post

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