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Congress might be more productive and less partisan than you think, Sunlight Foundation
Our politics may be polarized, but that’s nothing new, The Washington Post
Are Christie’s political plans bottlenecked? With topline, NBC News/ Marist Poll
Ads attacking health laws stagger outspent Democrats, The New York Times
Prosecutorial discretion closures continue unabated in immigration courts, TRAC Syracuse

Minority women downsize their ambitions due to bias, Catalyst via Harvard Business Review
Paper or plastic? How Americans buy stuff, NPR
More Americans say they’re worse off financially than a year ago, Gallup
Bankers’ stock awards jet higher, The Wall Street Journal
Beige book on current economic conditions, Federal Reserve
Real average earnings fall 0.3%; and CPI increases 0.3%, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Health & Society
E-reading rises as device ownership jumps, Pew Research Center
One-quarter of adults hold educational credentials other than degree, Census
Adult illicit drug users are more likely to consider suicide, Health and Human Services
How much to deliver a baby? Charges vary widely by hospital, Kaiser Health News
Gender gaps in cardiovascular disease and diabetes care, Rand Corporation

40 charts that explain the world, The Washington Post
Global risks 2014 report, World Economic Forum
Web of Libor manipulation scandal’s 298 reported connections, The Wall Street Journal
Euro area annual inflation down to 0.8%, Eurostat
A brief history of 63 years of extreme weather, The Wire
U.S. among countries without paid maternity leave, Quartz
Where the world’s biggest coffee drinkers live, Quartz
100 years since WWI: Numbers show what’s changed, Guardian

Random Sample
Famous movie quotes as charts, FlowingData






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