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54% of N.J. voters say Christie a leader; 40% say bully, Quinnipiac
34% approve of congressional Democrats, 25% Republicans,  ABC News/ Washington Post
Congress job approval starts 2014 at 13%, Gallup
Members of Congress rated on productivity, Brookings
Government itself still cited as top U.S. problem, Gallup
Money in politics with a gender lens, National Council for Research on Women via Roll Call


Tracking American counties in recession and recovery, National Association of Counties
For recent grads, good jobs really are hard to find, The Wall Street Journal
Unemployment insurance duration by state, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Men’s economic status and marital transitions of fragile families, Demographic Research
Airline consumer complaints decline 23.6%, Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Health & Society

26% of Asian adults had hypertension, CDC
Homelessness declines 9%, Urban Institute
Hispanics’ attitudes toward work, Harvard Business Review


Gay rights laws around the world, The Washington Post
Global migration trends infographic, Population Reference Bureau
Egyptians’ approval of leadership, Gallup
5 charts on international aid to Syria, Guardian
53% in South Korea expect relations with North to deteriorate, Asan Institute
Economic survey of Russia, OECD
China dwarfs U.S. in monetary stimulus, The New York Times
Moderate growth of German economy in 2013, Destatis
Economic outlook for developed countries, World Bank

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.