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New Jersey riveted to Bridgegate, Monmouth University
Christie story attracts little public interest nationally, Pew Research Center
Comparing ideological divides in Britain, U.S., National Journal
23% of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in U.S., Gallup
The vulnerability of nuclear-arms materials, The Economist
How U.S. state legislatures are polarized and getting more polarized, The Washington Post
Do trends in U.S. inequality matter for norms of global governance? Brookings
Public opinion on the Obama presidency thus far, American Enterprise Institute

Poverty and inequality in charts, The New York Times
Homeownership among real estate professionals; Do they walk the walk? Trulia Trends
Survey of Consumer Expectations, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
U.S. boosts natural gas use, OECD Europe scales back, Energy Information Administration
Is the aging workforce really creating your skill shortages? Harvard Business Review

Religious hostilities reach six-year high, Pew Research Center
Why big cities matter in the developing world, The Atlantic Cities
Industrial production up by 1.8% in euro area, Eurostat
Economic growth and government spending in Saudi Arabia, International Monetary Fund
OECD unemployment rate falls to 7.8% in November 2013, OECD
Is it true there’s a ‘startling’ rise in birthrate of British Muslims? Guardian
Spousal migration and later-life health for older Mexican women, University of California, Los Angeles

Science & Technology
Religion, partisanship and attitudes toward science policy, SAGE
Overfishing doesn’t just shrink fish populations–they often don’t recover afterwards, Quartz
Tech pipeline is alarmingly white, National Journal

Nearly 2.2 million selected plans in marketplaces by Dec. 28, 2013, Health and Human Services
Who’s getting Obamacare? These four charts give some big clues, New Republic
A second look at Medicaid enrollment numbers, Real Clear Politics
Medicaid and CHIP eligibility levels for children and non-disabled adults as of Jan. 1, Kaiser Family Foundation
Study: Navigator laws limit health exchange outreach, USA Today
Survey: Obamacare worries Hill aides, Congressional Management Foundation via Politico
Prosecutions of health care fraud law reach new high in FY 2013, TRAC Syracuse

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George Gao  is a former associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.