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Liberal self-identification edges up in 2013, Gallup
For first time, most lawmakers worth over $1 Million, Center for Responsive Politics
Why people call themselves “independent” even when they aren’t, The Washington Post


Unemployment rate drops to 6.7%, with charts on work force, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Highlights from the December jobs report, The Wall Street Journal
273,000 workers couldn’t get to their jobs because of the weather, The Wall Street Journal
Do workplace wellness programs save employers money? Rand Corporation


U.S. economic indicators improve in 2013, Gallup
Gas prices moved in tight range in 2013, Energy Information Administration
Charting the decline in service at the I.R.S, The New York Times


Lung cancer trends 2005-2009, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
U.S. flu and cold levels rise, but are typical for season, Gallup
Snuffing out smoking, The Economist
Income and assets of Medicare beneficiaries, Kaiser Family Foundations
Financial burdens of health spending by Medicare households, Kaiser Family Foundations
Suicide rate spikes among young veterans, Veterans Affairs via Stars and Stripes


More students subsidize classmates’ tuition, The Wall Street Journal
2002 high school sophomores 10 years later, National Center for Education Statistics


Most popular U.S. newspaper websites on Twitter, Searchmetrics


EU mobility scoreboard, European Commission
Haiti Earthquake: Where is U.S. aid money going? Guardian
Nordic outlier? Gender preference of children in Finland, Demographic Research

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