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Poll: Obama approval, minimum wage, jobless benefits, Quinnipiac
“National thermometer” for 2016 presidential contenders available 12 PM, Quinnipiac
American politics more competitive than ever, making partisanship worse, The Washington Post
Are red or blue companies more likely to go green? Harvard Business Review
Great news for Obamacare: Americans are bored with it, The Washington Post

Which economies will grow fastest in 2014? The Economist
Interactive: The future of coal, The Wall Street Journal
Post-crash rebound, not job growth, drove 2013 housing price gains, Trulia
Per capita income by cities compared with U.S., Urbanophile
Losses caused by winter storms, Insurance Information Institute
Demographic snapshot of disconnected low-income men, Urban Institute
U.S. payroll to population rate falls to 42.9% in December, Gallup
Low-paying fields hold jobs of future, mostly, The Wall Street Journal

Science & Technology
The evolution of memes on Facebook, Facebook Data Science
In OECD, wireless broadband penetration has grown to 68.4%, OECD

Meat atlas shows Latin America has become a soybean empire, Guardian
Rising unemployment for UK’s ethnic minorities: Who’s affected? Guardian
China’s verified GDP in 2012, Dec. 2013 PPI and CPI, National Bureau of Statistics of China
OECD annual inflation picks up to 1.5% in November 2013, OECD

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