While a Pew Research survey conducted this month found public trust in the federal government nearing a record low, most Americans have a favorable view of many government agencies and departments and also regard federal workers positively.

Except for the Internal Revenue Service.

DN_Most_AgenciesNine of the 13 federal agencies and institutions included in the survey are viewed favorably by 60% or more of the public.  But among all of them, the IRS was the only one rated more unfavorably than favorably by the public, with 51% expressing a negative view compared with 44% who had a favorable one.

By comparison, five agencies received favorable ratings from two-thirds or more of the public: The Centers for Disease Control, or CDC (75% favorable), NASA (73%), the Defense Department (72%), the Veterans Administration (68%) and the Department of Homeland Security (66%).

Republicans have the least favorable views of the IRS, with only 23% regarding it positively. That compares with 65% of Democrats and 40% of independents.

Tea Party Republicans are the most highly critical of the IRS. (Last May, the agency faced controversy over reports that it targeted some conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status). While 65% of non-Tea Party Republicans rated the IRS unfavorably, that number rose to 82% for Tea party Republicans.

Bruce Drake  is a former senior editor at Pew Research Center.