Assessments among Mexicans of their national government’s impact have improved 11 percentage points since last spring, when 54% said it was having a good influence. Now, 65% hold this positive opinion. Views of the government have particularly improved among middle-income Mexicans (up 25 percentage points) and those living in the Mexico City area (up 22 points).

While outgoing president Felipe Calderón remains popular, opinions of him have slipped compared with the high marks he received in 2009. At that time, roughly two-thirds viewed him favorably (68%), compared with 58% in the latest survey. Three-quarters in 2009 thought he was having a good influence on the country; 57% do now.

Calderón is especially trusted among people who say the Mexican government is making progress in the drug war (72% rate him a good influence) but less so among those who say the government is not making progress or losing ground (46%). Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.