The percentage of children ages 18 or younger living apart from the fathers has risen substantially in the past half century. In 2010, 27% of children lived apart from their fathers, up from just 11% in 1960. By comparison, only 8% of children lived apart from their mothers in 2010, up from 4% in 1960. Among all fathers, 11% live apart from some of their children and 16% live apart from all of their children. Fathers’ living arrangements are strongly correlated with race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status as measured by educational attainment. Black fathers are more than twice as likely as white fathers to live apart from their children (44% vs. 21%), while Hispanic fathers fall in the middle (35%). Among fathers who never completed high school, 40% live apart from their children. This compares with only 7% of fathers who graduated from college. Read More