While the Pakistani public was not overwhelmingly sympathetic to Osama bin Laden — just 21% expressed confidence in him in a separate survey taken before his death — the nation was far from pleased about his demise. Fully 63% of Pakistanis disapprove of operation to kill the leader of al Qaeda. Only 14% say bin Laden’s death was a good thing, and a majority said it was a bad thing. Also, most Pakistanis say the raid, which was carried out in their country, will have a negative effect on U.S.-Pakistan relations. There are many other signs of Pakistani disapproval of U.S. military activity in the region. Majorities of Pakistanis want U.S. and NATO troops out of neighboring Afghanistan (69%) and oppose U.S. anti-terrorism efforts (62%). Among those who are aware of U.S. drone strikes against extremists in Pakistan, these attacks are widely seen as unnecessary and as too costly in terms of innocent lives. Fully 69% believe the U.S. could be a military threat to Pakistan. Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.