The cell phone is by far — and across all generations — the most popular technology device in America. Fully 85% of adults own a cell phone. By comparison, 59% of adults own a desktop computer, 52% own a laptop computer, 57% own an iPod or mp3 player and 5% own an e-book reader. Almost all adults ages 65 and younger own a cell phone, as do two-thirds (68%) of adults ages 66 to 74 and nearly half (48%) of adults ages 75 and older. Still, adults younger than age 34 — the Millennial generation — continue to be on the cutting edge of this technology. Most cell phone owners use only two of the main non-voice functions on their phones: taking pictures and text messaging. Among Millennials, meanwhile, a majority also use their phones for going online, sending email, playing games, listening to music and recording videos. Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.