Overall opinions about health care legislation passed in 2010 are not overwhelmingly favorable: 41% say they approve of the legislation while 48% disapprove. But while the public remains divided over what it wants to see done with the health care law, far more (55%) want the legislation either expanded (35%) or left as is (20%) than favor its repeal (37%). While there is very little partisan difference in opinions about the importance of revising the health care legislation passed last year, Republicans and Democrats have very different ideas about how to revise it. More than six-in-ten (64%) Republicans support repealing health care legislation while roughly half (51%) of Democrats support expanding it. Independents are divided — 38% would repeal the legislation and 37% would expand it. Notably, the option of leaving the legislation as it is wins only modest support across the board. Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.