While members of the Baby Boom generation may no longer — and maybe never have been — in line with their iconic images of long hair and rebellion, their views on today’s social issues are closer to younger generations than to older ones. For example, fully 70% of both Millennials and Baby Boomers say the main purpose of marriage is mutual happiness and fulfillment, not child-raising. In contrast, just 50% of adults ages 65 and older agree. Boomers and Millennials are also both far less likely than are older adults to say children growing up with divorced parents, racially mixed parents or unmarried parents will face “a lot more challenges.” Asked to choose between divorce and an unhappy marriage, Baby Boomers are more likely than Millenials to say divorce is preferable. When questioned about gay couples raising children, however, Baby Boomers, while less conservative than older adults, are not as tolerant as Millenials. Read More