Most Americans (55%) say that Republican leaders in Congress should work with President Barack Obama, even if that disappoints some of their supporters. Even more (62%) want Obama to cooperate with GOP leaders, even if that disappoints some Democrats. Independents want the two sides to work together — 57% say GOP leaders should cooperate with Obama while about as many (59%) say that the president should work with GOP leaders. But as many Democrats say Obama should stand up to Republican leaders (43%) as say he should work with them (46%). Republicans are even less interested in seeing their party’s congressional leaders work with Obama — and far fewer GOP voters want their party’s leaders to work with Obama than did so after the 2008 presidential election. Currently, 66% of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters want GOP leaders to stand up to Obama, up from 47% shortly after the presidential election two years ago. Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.