While a majority of Americans (52%) say churches should keep out of politics, the public is not looking for politicians who stay away from religion. Six-in-ten Americans (61%) say it is important that members of Congress have strong religious beliefs. Only a third (34%) say strong religious beliefs are not important for members of Congress. Most Republicans believe strong ties to faith are important for members of Congress (77%), as do majorities of Democrats (55%) and independents (58%). Majorities of both Protestants (74%) and Catholics (64%) want congressmen to have strong religious beliefs. In contrast, two-thirds (66%) of the religiously unaffiliated don’t want members of Congress to hold strong religious beliefs, including 85% of atheists. Even more Americans are in favor of religion and politics mixing with regard to the executive branch. Fully 72% of Americans say it’s important that a president have strong religious beliefs. Read More