Hispanics are less connected to the internet than are non-Hispanics. While 78% of non-Hispanics adults (ages 18 and older) have gone online, just 64% of Hispanic adults have used the internet. The disparity, however, is in large part a result of a divide between native-born Latinos and foreign-born Latinos in internet adoption. Fully 85% of U.S.-born Latinos ages 16 and older go online, roughly equal to the percentage of non-Hispanic Americans who use the internet. But only half of foreign-born Latinos (51%) have gone online, bringing down the total population’s internet use. Less of a nativity gap is found in the use another technology tool: cell phones. While U.S.-born Hispanics are still more likely than foreign-born Hispanics to use a cell phone, the difference is small; 80% of native-born Hispanics use cell phones, compared with 72% of foreign-born Hispanics. Read More