A majority of Americans who use the internet have searched the World Wide Web for a subject near and dear to their hearts: themselves. Fully 57% of adult internet users have used a search engine to monitor their digital footprint. Online self searching among internet users is up from 47% in 2006 and just 22% in 2001. Among internet users, men and women are just as likely to search for themselves online, but those younger than age 50 are much more likely to be self-searchers than are older internet users. More than six-in-ten internet users younger than age 50 self search while less than half of those older than age 50 do so. Americans with higher education and more income are also more likely to monitor their digital footprints. For example, 70% of internet users with a college degree have conducted a search for their name compared with just 43% of those with a high school degree or less. Most self searchers do not look for themselves very often. Eight-in-ten self-searchers (78%) have only looked up their name once or twice while only 2% do so regularly. Two-in-ten (19%) say they do so every once in a while. Read More