With two wars and a struggling economy, President Obama’s agenda has been stretched thin during the first year of his term. But there is one group that a sizeable number of Americans believe has received too much of the president’s time: banks and financial institutions. Provided a list of nine groups and political constituencies — including blacks, women, labor unions, etc. — sizeable pluralities say Obama is providing the “right amount of attention” to the concerns of six of them. The public is decidedly split on banks, however. A third of Americans say Obama pays too much attention to the concerns of banks and financial institutions, the highest percentage for “too much attention” for any group asked about. Roughly another third say he’s paying the right amount of attention, while 21% say he’s paid too little attention to the concerns of banks. Similarly, Americans are also divided on how much time Obama spends dealing with the concerns of business corporations: 25% say they get too much time, 21% say too little and 35% say about right. The only group a large number of Americans say has not received enough of the president’s attention are senior citizens. While whites are slightly more likely to say Obama is giving too much time to banks, a substantial number of both blacks and Hispanics also say the two groups Obama has paid too much attention to are banks and financial institutions. Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.