Fully 86% of Latinos ages 16 to 25 are in school or the labor force; significantly fewer of their counterparts were engaged in these market-oriented activities in previous generations. In 1970, 77% of Hispanics ages 16 to 25 were either working, going to school or serving in the military. This growth parallels that of both white and black young adults. However, the increasing Latino population in school and work is noteworthy because their share of the young adult population has risen so dramatically during this period — to 18% in 2007, more than triple their 5% share in 1970. Much of the increase is the result of an increasing number of young Latino women in the work force and school. The labor force participation of young female Latinos has risen from 40% in 1970 to 54% in 2007, while the share of young Latino women in school rose from one third to nearly half. Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.