While the citizens of NATO countries (Turkey excepted) give President Obama an overwhelming vote of confidence for his handling of world affairs, his original decision to send additional forces to Afghanistan faces significant opposition in all NATO publics. In this year’s Pew Global Attitudes survey, at least half of those surveyed in Germany (63%), France (62%), Poland (57%), Canada (55%), Britain (51%) and Spain (50%) disapproved of sending more troops to Afghanistan. In Turkey, almost three times as many disapproved as approved of additional forces (49% vs. 16%). And many people in NATO countries support a complete removal of troops. Majorities in Turkey (63%) and Poland (57%) want troops pulled out of Afghanistan, while roughly half of those in Germany (47%), France (49%), Canada (50%), Britain (48%) and Spain (46%) support a complete withdrawal. The survey, which was conducted in May-June, 2009, found that 57% of Americans endorsed the idea of keeping troops in Afghanistan. Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.