Though most Americans (79%) still believe a generation gap persists in America, there is one area of culture that members of every generation can agree upon: music, and more specifically, the Beatles. Roughly half of all Americans say they like the Beatles a lot (49%), and eight-in-ten like them at least a little. This gives the Beatles more support from music listeners than any of the other 20 musical performers included in a survey by Pew Research. The reason that the Beatles remain so popular is that they are liked across generations. Those ages 16 to 25 (45% like the Beatles a lot) are just as likely to be fans of the Fab Four as those ages 65 and older (43% like the Beatles a lot). Americans who grew up in the middle of Beatlemania, those ages 50 to 64, are still the biggest fans (65% like them a lot). Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.