About four-in-ten Americans have fully embraced mobile technology in some form, including Ambivalent Networkers, the 7% of Americans who rely heavily on handheld devices for communication and information. These adults use cell phones and other mobile gadgets to update their Facebook profiles, listen to iTunes and watch videos on YouTube. Just about all (99%) have cell phones, most (74%) have digital cameras and two-thirds have laptops (65%) and MP3 players (64%). They are also the most frequent users of text messaging; over half (52%) of Ambivalent Networkers send a text on a given day, compared with 31% of all Americans. However, unlike others who frequently use mobile technology, these adults say there is a limit to info on the go, and that it is a good idea to take a break every now and then. They also do not strongly associate gadgets with productivity — either personally or on the job. Read More