If anecdotal evidence of Americans permanently glued to their phones wasn’t enough to convince you of our national devotion to cells phones, the fact that 51% of adults say it would be very hard to give up their cells should. This is more than say it would be very hard to give up the internet (45%), television (43%), a landline phone (40%) or email (37%). But that doesn’t mean everyone is in love with their mobile phones: Attitudes toward cell phones are closely related to how you feel generally about mobile technology. Among the four-in-ten Americans who are considered “motivated by mobility,” 66% report that it would be very hard to do without their cell phones. However, among the “stationary media majority” (61% of Americans) only 21% would find it very hard to give up the cell phone. In fact, stationary-media adults are less likely than a year ago to say giving up their phone would be difficult while fans of mobile devices are finding it more and more difficult to ditch the cell. Read More