As voters head to the polls in Indiana and North Carolina, some four months after Iowans caucused to kick off the nominating process, a majority (51%) of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters now says the undecided nomination contest is bad for the party, up from 27% in late February, while slightly more than a third (35%) sees it as a good thing. Back in February, more than twice as many Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters (57%) said that the fact that the nomination was not yet decided was good, rather than bad, for the party. Obama supporters, in particular, have reversed their opinion of the unresolved nomination fight; in late February, 60% said it was good for the party, but currently about the same percentage (61%) sees it as a bad thing. Views among Clinton’s supporters have shifted less dramatically. In the current survey, 43% of Clinton supporters say the unresolved contest is good for the party, down nine points since late February. Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.