Rising prices top the list when it comes to Americans’ personal economic concerns with nearly half (49%) citing higher prices as the economic issue they are most worried about; by comparison, just 19% cite the job situation, 14% point to problems in the financial markets, and 12% say declining real estate values. Majorities or pluralities of Americans across a broad spectrum — age, income and other personal characteristics — point to inflation as their top financial worry. There is, however, some variation in perceptions of the severity of other problems. For example, the job situation is mentioned far more frequently as a top economic concern by blacks (31%) than whites (16%). Similarly, those with household incomes of under $30,000 annually are the most likely of any income group to rate jobs as a top concern (29%), though prices remain their most prevalent worry (49%). Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.