Negative views of the decision to take military action against Iraq are at their highest point since the war began almost five years ago; in a January 2008 Pew poll, slightly more than a third of Americans (36%) say the decision to use military force was right, while 56% see it as wrong. In September 2007, 42% said the war was the right decision, compared with 50% who said it was wrong. Views on the decision to go to war in Iraq remain deeply polarized along party lines. By 70%-26%, Republicans say the war was the right decision; by an even wider margin (76%-14%), Democrats believe the war was wrong. A solid majority of independents (61%) say the war was wrong compared with just a third (33%) who say it was right. The balance of opinion in all three groups is somewhat more negative regarding the decision to take military action than it was in September. In contrast, when the war began in March 2003 and for quite some time thereafter, the U.S.-led invasion had strong backing from most Americans, and was seen as succeeding quite well. Read More