In the latest Pew Global Attitudes Survey, the United States is named about as often as a close ally (by a majority of respondents in 19 of the 47 nations surveyed) as it is named the biggest threat (majorities in 17 countries); no other single country or international institution — including Iran — was as frequently cited as a top ally or threat. The United States is singled out as a close ally by people in many African nations and in Israel and Kuwait, where the United States remains popular. The publics of two of America’s closest allies, Great Britain and Canada, also regard the United States as their closest ally, despite their criticism of U.S. foreign policies. By contrast, the publics in many predominately Muslim countries, Latin America, and China see the United States as their greatest potential threat. For example, two-thirds of Chinese (66%) and nearly as many in Turkey and Pakistan (64% each), name the United States as the country that poses the greatest threat to their own country in the future. Majorities in Venezuela (54%) and Argentina (52%) also view the United States as a potential threat. Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.