Most Americans continue to express positive views of the military: 60% say it has a positive effect, while 36% say its effect is negative.


Older Americans are more likely than younger Americans to hold a positive view of the military.

Chart shows Americans ages 18 to 29 more negative than positive toward the U.S. military

Adults under 30 are the only age group in which a larger share says the military has a negative (53%) than positive (43%) impact.

Seven-in-ten adults ages 50 and older say that the military is having a positive impact, as do 57% of those ages 30 to 49.


Similar shares of Republicans (64%) and Democrats (60%) view the military positively. However, there are ideological differences in these views among Democrats.

By a wide margin (68% positive to 30% negative), conservative and moderate Democrats express a positive view of the military. Liberal Democrats are roughly evenly divided (50% positive to 49% negative).

The military is seen positively by 67% of moderate and liberal Republicans and 63% of conservative Republicans.

Race and ethnicity

Half or more across racial and ethnic groups also view the military positively: 64% of White adults, 60% of Asian adults, 58% of Black adults and 53% of Hispanic adults say this.