This page includes sample language for sharing your political typology quiz with your students, community or other group, including sample language for email and social media sharing. The sample text included on this page is entirely optional; we provide it only for your convenience. No matter how you share your quiz with your class or community, be sure to use either your unique URL or your group ID, both of which can be found in the email you received from us after registering your group.

In general, you have two main options for inviting members of your community to take your quiz:

Option 1: Send them the unique URL you received in your registration email.

Option 2: Send them the general group sign-in page at and tell them to use the group ID you received in your registration email.

Please note that anyone who takes the quiz with your unique URL or group ID will be considered part of your community, and thus counted in your results.

Sharing your quiz via email

Sample email language to invite group members to take your quiz:

Dear [Students/Group Members],

I’m inviting you to take a new quiz from the Pew Research Center created just for our [class/community group] that will help us learn about where our group fits into the nation’s political landscape.

Are you a Solid Liberal? A Steadfast Conservative? Or somewhere in between?

Our unique version of the center’s “Political Typology” quiz will let us gather data specifically about our group, showing us where we fit compared with the rest of the country – based on results from a major national survey conducted by the center. Any information collected in our version of the quiz will be anonymous and not personally identifiable.

To start, take the “Where do you fit in the political typology?” quiz on the Pew Research Center’s website: [insert unique URL here]

You can also visit the general sign in page here and enter our group ID: [insert group ID here]

Thank you,


Sharing your quiz with your Facebook Group

If your class or community group has a Facebook group where you’d like to share the quiz, start by pasting in the status box. Once the link populates below, add the following text:

Are you a Steadfast Conservative? A Solid Liberal? Or somewhere in between? Take our quiz to find out which one of the eight Political Typology groups is your best match, compared with the rest of our [class/group] – and the U.S. as a whole! Just visit the link above and enter [your group ID] for the group ID.

We are using this quiz and group ID to gather data specifically about our community. If you would like to share the quiz with friends outside of the community, they can take the general quiz at

If you would like to include an image when sharing the quiz, we have included one below. Just right-click and save the image to your computer and then upload it to your website or social media post.


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