This report explores the unique methodological challenges that arise in surveying Hispanic adults in the United States, from designing questionnaires to selecting the survey sample to conducting the interviews to weighting the data.

The report was written by Research Assistant Anna Brown. Editorial guidance was provided by Kyley McGeeney, research methodologist; Scott Keeter, director of survey research; Mark Hugo Lopez, director of Hispanic research; Courtney Kennedy, incoming director of survey research; Claudia Deane, vice president of research; Sara Goo, senior digital editor; and Katie Simmons, associate director of research. Additional research guidance was provided by Shiva Maniam, research assistant; Jocelyn Kiley, associate director of research; and Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, research associate. Eileen Patten, research analyst, number checked the report, and Shannon Greenwood, assistant digital producer, copy edited the report.

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