Are you a librarian, educator, civic leader or a member of the public who is interested in your local public library’s role in your community? Compare the library engagement of your library or group with the rest of the country using our new “community quiz” tool!

What kind of library users are in your community?

With the community quiz tool, you can learn how your community’s members use their local public library, how they think about their library’s impact on the community, and how they view the importance of libraries in the digital age. You will also see how the responses of your group compare with those of the general population, based on the results of our nationally representative September 2013 phone survey.

The new quiz tool allows you to create your own version of our library user quiz and invite members of your community to take it. You will then be able to see the overall results of everyone who have taken your version of the quiz. (Note: You will be able to see the aggregate quiz results for your group; everyone who takes the quiz will do so anonymously and the answers of individual respondents will not be available.)

To get started, click here to register your group. You will then receive an email with your unique URL and group ID, which you can use to  invite members of your group to take your version of the quiz. (Check out our Help Center for more detailed instructions.)

An example of a results page
An example of a results page comparing a group’s responses to those of the general population.

In general, you have two main options for inviting members of your community to take your quiz:

Please note that anyone who takes the quiz with your unique URL or group ID will be considered part of your community, and thus counted in your results.

Important resources for creating a quiz:

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