The following tables show demographic breakdowns for the following questions. Please note percentages are not reported when n < 100 for that subgroup (due to form split).

 q10: I’m going to read you a list of services that public libraries often provide to the public.  Please tell me how important, if at all, you think it is for public libraries to provide each to the community.

q27: Now thinking more broadly…overall, how well-informed do you feel you are about the different services and programs your public library offers? Do you feel like you know…

q37: Now thinking about some different ways public libraries could change the way they serve the public… Please tell me if each of the following is something you, personally, think public libraries should DEFINITELY do, should MAYBE do, or should definitely NOT do.

q38: If public libraries offered [the following items], would you be very likely, somewhat likely, not too likely, or not at all likely to use this resource?