You may notice that this website looks and feels a bit different from the home site of As part of our multi-year study of the changing role of public libraries in the digital age, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we felt it was important to give this work its own “room,” so to speak. You will still be able to find all of these reports and presentations at our home site, but you’ll also have as a one-stop shop for everything that Pew Internet does that relates to libraries.

Beyond our new Gates Foundation-supported initiative, you’ll see that this site also features an archive of relevant library-focused material that Pew Internet has produced in the past. Did you happen to miss Lee Rainie’s keynote address at the Internet Librarian conference last year? Well, we’ve got it here.

We’re also very interested to hear your feedback about the new site: What do you think works well? Where can we improve? What else could we add to this site to make it an even better resource for you?

Drop us an email and let us know what you think: