Roving Nodes: 9% of the general population

Roving Nodes are ardent users of the internet and mobile devices, and consume a lot of digital content for the purpose of passing it along others. Typically, this is done through email – often on a desktop or laptop – but also through texting or emailing on a mobile device. Much of this information might be logistical, as this group is very likely to see ICTs as a way to do their jobs, connect with family and friends, and generally be more productive in their lives.

Roving Nodes love the gadgets they employ for keeping information on the move, but they use traditional applications to do it. They are no more likely than average, and less so than prior groups, to use social networking sites to mediate communication among their crowd. And they are not much into blogging or maintaining their own web pages. Give them an email program, browser, and a cell phone that can text, and they are off.