Today we released new data that helps to trace the outline of the cloud in “cloud computing.”

In the memo, available here, we report that some 69% of online Americans use webmail services, store data online, or use software programs such as word processing applications whose functionality is located on the Web. Similar to the trends we see with broadband users, these cloud application users are more engaged than the average internet user with a wide array of online activities.

One such activity that draws more attention from the cloud crowd is podcasting. While we reported recently that 19% of all adult internet users have downloaded a podcast to listen to it or view it later, our data shows that a significantly higher segment—24% of cloud application users—have done so.

New applications that allow mobile users to create their own podcasts on-the-fly from their phone and send them directly into the cloud—publishing via social networking, blogging and video sites—may yet cause the storm needed to push podcasting into the mainstream.