For the policy wonks out there, let me encourage you to check out the Call for Papers for the 36th Telecommunications Policy Research Conference . The conference focuses on Communication, Information, and Internet Policy, and it will be held from September 26th through September 28th, 2008, at George Mason University Law School in Arlington, Virginia.

TPRC brings together leading academics and industry and government practitioners – a nice mix of leading-edge academic work on policy issues and those who make decisions about telecommunications and internet policy in industry and government. This year, the call for papers focuses on these topics:

  • Network Competition, Policy and Management
  • Next Generation and all-IP Networks: Policy, Regulatory, Architectural and Societal Issues
  • Spectrum Management and Wireless Futures: Anywhere, Anytime Communications and its Implications
  • Societal Issues: Universality and Affordable Access; ICTs for Development and Growth
  • The Transformation and Future of Media in an Age of User- and Community-Produced Creativity
  • The Transformation and Future of Intellectual Property and Digital Rights
  • Privacy, Security, Identity and Trust
  • Internet Governance and Institutional Strategies for Information Policy Other Emerging Topics

I’ve been involved with this conference for a number of years, and it combines high quality with a friendly and stimulating atmosphere. Add that up, and you get the leading conference in this important field.