Researchers interested in the raw data that serve as the basis for two recent Pew Internet Project reports can now download the datasets here at the Data section of our website.

The December 2005 data was used primarily for our Online News report released in March, although it contains questions used for Home Broadband Adoption 2006 pertaining to user-generated online content.

The Home Broadband Adoption 2006 report contains our latest trends on home high-speed use, and those trends are drawn from the February-March 2006 dataset. Only data pertaining to those trends are in this SPSS data file. Because we are conducting analysis on the questions in this survey, neither those questions in the SPSS data file nor the topline survey results are available to the public at this time.

Note that Pew Internet Project reports are based on national random digit dial telephone surveys of adults over the age of 18. For more information on our surveys, read the Methodology portion of our reports — which is an appendix to each of our reports.