On a frigid day like today in Washington, D.C., all conversation seems to revolve around the weather. How long will this arctic blast linger? Will it at least be justified with some respectable snow coverage? Is this the remuneration for that summery weather we indulged in just last week?

Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you’ve used the internet to track the weather at one time or another in your online life. In our November 2004 survey, we found that 78% of internet users go online to check weather reports and forecasts and 22% will check conditions on an average day. And if you’re an “always-on” user, someone who has high-speed internet access at home and work, you’re almost certainly getting some of your weather updates online. 92% of those who have high-speed access at home and work will check the weather online and 31% check conditions on a typical day.

Weather-watching has always been a popular online pastime, but these figures point to significant growth from the 62% of all users who had sought weather online in our March 2000 survey and the 16% who did so on a typical day.