Thanks to everyone on staff who worked on, assisted with, advised and helped get this project done. Thanks to: Mary Madden, John Horrigan, Erin O’Grady, Angie Boyce, Katherine Allen for their assistance with research, analysis and writing of the report, as well as with the organization and execution of the focus groups. Thanks too, to Lee Rainie, Susannah Fox, and Tom Spooner for their overall input, guidance and assistance.

Additional thanks to Karen Zgoda at CTCNet, Kevin Clark at George Mason University, Fritz Hirsch at National Capitol Area Neighborhood Networks Consortium, Kathy Ira at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County for their recommendations of people to contact at various community technology centers in the greater DC-Baltimore area, and facilitation of those relationships. Thanks to the community technology center staffers who helped us organize individual group meetings, and the participants who engaged our questions with such enthusiasm. Also thanks to Steve Jones, Jorge Schement, and the attendees of the National Academy of Sciences Digital Divide meeting in January 2002 for helping to shape the scope of this research. Also thanks to Tim Johnson at University of Illinois at Chicago for his advice and support. And finally, enormous thanks to our research partners at Princeton Survey Research Associates, especially Evans Witt, Jonathan Best, Tara Jethwani and Julie Gasior. PSRA has been invaluable in shaping and executing this survey.

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