Do You Tip More or Less Often Than the Average American?

Welcome to Tipping Point, the small town with a big-city feel! Pew Research Center created Tipping Point to showcase some of our recent survey findings about Americans’ tipping attitudes and behaviors – and to give you a chance to compare your tipping habits with those of the overall public.

Many Americans say that how they think about tipping depends on the situation. So as you explore our town, you’ll be given a few opportunities to leave a tip for various kinds of services. In each scenario, tell us how often you’d leave a tip, and then we’ll show you how your answers compare with those of the nearly 12,000 U.S. adults we surveyed in August 2023. At the end, you’ll get a “receipt” summarizing your choices.

Click on any of the highlighted places below to get started.

To learn how we conducted this research, read our recent report on tipping culture in America.



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