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Why a plan to circumvent the Electoral College is doomed, 538
Sortable stats for 14 states with competitive Senate races,  WSJ
The many paths to ending a career in the House of Representatives, Sabato’s Crystal Ball
Americans more confident in business, state leaders than in federal political leaders, Gallup
49% of voters believe White House had IRS target conservatives, topline, Fox News
On expanding pre-K, Americans are divided by party, race, National Journal
California voters support expanding pre-K, despite its costs, The Field Poll
Less is more: American views on Ukraine, Running Numbers

Four-in-ten say they would feel financial hardship within a month of losing their job, Gallup
Unemployment for doctoral scientists, engineers went up, but is below nat’l average, NSF

Health & Society
There really are more twins now, Atlantic
The richer you are, the older you’ll get, WSJ
Who pays for public employee health care costs?, NBER
About 16% of people who die in traffic crashes are bikers or pedestrians, Vox
Where taxpayer money comes from, Washington Post
How Obamacare enrollment got to 8 million, Washington Post

Asked in recent years, one-third of Crimeans say Ukraine and Russia should merge, 538
Rising inequality in Africa weighs on new consumers, Financial Times
Ahead of elections, fewer Algerians want radical reforms, Arab Barometer via WashPost

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