Fully three-quarters of Americans say they display the nation’s flag in places such as their home, workplace, car or on their clothing. Flag displayers do not differ substantially from non-displayers in terms of most demographic characteristics, but among age groups, those ages 50 to 64 are the most likely to participate (81% do so). Display rates also differ significantly among partisan groups with 87% of Republicans saying they display Old Glory compared with 76% of independents and 67% of Democrats. Fully 90% of Tea Party supporters espouse this patriotic practice as do 87% of white non-Hispanic evangelicals. Non-Hispanic whites are also somewhat more likely to display the flag than are blacks (77% vs. 68%) as are registered voters (78% vs. 64% of those not registered). In terms of educational attainment, those with a high school degree or less (78%) are somewhat more likely to exhibit the flag than are those with some college (75%) or a college degree (70%). Read More

Russell Heimlich  is a former web developer at Pew Research Center.