Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you’re someone who loves storytelling as much as we do. And while we at Pew Internet primarily tell stories through data, we also rely heavily on qualitative research to help us better understand the larger trends we observe in our research. Sometimes a single comment to an open-ended question can generate a critically important insight or lead us to ask new questions that simply wouldn’t have occurred to us otherwise.

To that end, in addition to our nationally representative phone surveys, we will also be conducting a series of online surveys and interviews to learn more about library patrons’ and e-book users’ experiences navigating the changing role of technology in their lives. Over the next year, we will be sending out surveys to four groups:

  • Library patrons
  • E-reader or tablet users
  • Library e-book borrowers
  • Librarians

If you fall into any of these groups and you are interested in being a part of our research, you can learn more here. As always, we’re extremely grateful for everyone who shares their time and experiences with us. Thank you. Without you, our work would not be possible!