In the opening keynote, “Networked Learners,” Lee Rainie discusses the latest findings of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project about how teenagers and young adults have embraced technology of all kinds — including broadband, cell phones, gaming devices and MP3 players. He describes how technology has affected the way “digital natives” search for, gather and act on information.

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The 2009 MVU Online Learning Symposium explores how young people are using new media and communication tools to build social networks, create content and learn from their peers. This new environment has significant implications for learning and teaching, and it creates new challenges for students, parents, educators and policy makers.

New this year: The 2009 symposium is being offered in an alternative live Web-accessible format for those who cannot attend in person. Online attendees will see, via Mediasite simulcast, both keynotes, the closing panel discussion and three breakout sessions. 

Additional information and materials are available at the symposium’s website.