Tim O’Reilly was recently interviewed about how he uses Twitter:

On a more personal level, I have a kind of “ambient intimacy” (@leisa is responsible for that term) with my family. I learn small details about the day my wife and kids are having, and am closer than I have been in years (on a day to day basis) with my one brother who tweets regularly. I learn small details that I’d never think to ask about.

This reminded me of ourĀ Networked Families report, which found a “new connectedness” among family members who communicate via cell phones and screen-sharing.

If you’re not yet on Twitter, but want to peek into this new world of ambient intimacy, you can just watch the Twitterstream go by or search for the topic of your choice. My current faves include any form of family: “sister,” “brother,” “in-laws,” etc. If you see anything great, message me: @SusannahFox.