We created an online version of the Blogger Callback Survey to allow bloggers and other interested observers to answer the questions we used in our phone survey (PDF), but also to gather new insights. The following questions were added to the online version in order to allow some space for written answers, in addition to multiple-choice responses. Please tell us a bit about how getting news online has changed the way you access information about current events. If you had a web site before you started blogging, are there any major differences between what you put on your web site and what you post on your blog? If you like, tell use about a recent post of yours. What inspired you? Did your post draw comments on your blog or on another blog? And feel free to give us the permanent URL or permalink to the post in question. If you like, please tell us about what’s on your blogroll and how you pick other blogs to link to. If you like, tell us a little about your blog reading habits. What kinds of blogs interest you? Do you read blogs for work or school? If you write blog posts on several – or many – subjects, please tell us below and list the subjects you’ve written about. If you like, please tell us in your own words what your blog means to you. If you like, please explain below some of the benefits — personal or professional — you’ve gotten from blogging. If you like, tell us about the single most important impact a blog post of yours has had on the wider world. If you have published material before, feel free to tell us about your previous publishing experience. Please check out the online survey if you have time.